DNP hopes to educate new generations during Thailand’s National Children Day.

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On January 14, 2017, on Thailand’s National Children Day, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) by central units (i.e. , Division of Wild Fauna and Flora Protection responsible for CITES implementation in Thailand) and regional administration units (i.e. , Protected Area Administration Office 9 Ubon Ratchathani) hosted events and exhibitions for this national holiday all throughout the country.  The events are aimed to educate and inform the children and general public to better understand the actions taken to curve illegal wildlife trades as well as buying illegal ivory. 

The events were held simultaneously all around the country. The events were held at Government House of Thailand (presided by the Prime Minister), Chatuchak Market, and districts and provinces where the units of Division of Wild Fauna and Flora Protection are stationed. These included Lat Krabang Wildlife Checkpoint (Bangkok), Su-ngai Kolok and Sadao Wildlife Checkpoints (Thai-Malaysia border), Mae Sot Wildlife Checkpoint (Thai-Myanmar border), Nong Khai and Mukdahan Wildlife Checkpoints (Thai-Lao border), and other wildlife checkpoints in the country.

 Mae Sot Wildlife Checkpoint (Thai-Myanmar border)

 Mukdahan Wildlife Checkpoints (Thai-Lao border)

Sadao Wildlife Checkpoints

Su-ngai Kolok Wildlife Checkpoints

Lat Krabang Wildlife Checkpoint (Bangkok)

Nong Khai Wildlife Checkpoint

Protected Area Administration Office 9 (Ubon Ratchathani)