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The Asian Zero Poaching Symposium was held on February 2-6,2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal. The meeting brought governmental officers, NGOs, and IGOs, to exchange the idea how to stop the poaching. The meeting was perhaps more than any other events highlighted the utmost urgency of addressing the poaching issue in this region. Across the entire continent, the most iconic, culturally cherished, and ecologically indicative species were being poached to supply a variety of illicit markets.

The situation was so dire for flagship species such as tigers, elephants, and rhinos, which were recognized at this meeting. Only an immediate and systematic government could stem and reverse the continual draining of these biological resources from the regions. Fortunately, governments are better positioned than ever to make successful intervention against poacher and their networks.

The Asian Zero Poaching toolkit presented at this meeting was provided a broad framework through which to do so. For the first time, this meeting brough together the most modern and useful anti-poaching tools, system, technologies and best practices.

This meeting would also catalyze a new regional effort that will increase momentum to Zero Poaching, in other words, the beginning of the end of poaching in Asian