Continued Campaign at Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand

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On the weekends of February 4 – 5, 11-12, and 26, 2017, Ladkrabang Wildlife Checkpoint, Bangkok Seaport Wildlife Checkpoint, and Administration Section, Division of Wild Flora and Fauna Protection (CITES Management Authority of Thailand) from Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation continued their combined efforts in hosting an exhibition and campaign in Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand to deter tourists from buying ivory and illegal wildlife trade in Thailand. The campaign contains exhibitions for pedestrians, information audio media in 3 languages (Thai, English and Chinese), patrolling public relation staffs, stainless and vinyl public relation signs around entrances and exits, and brochures. This long-running campaign at Chatuchak Weekend Market has been in continuation since December of 2010. Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation intents to campaign for reduction in source and demands of illegal wildlife and ivory consumption.