Cooperative efforts by Thai Officials against Illegal Trafficking Routes in Southern Thailand.

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On February 2, 2016, Officers of Songkhla Wildlife Checkpoint (Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation) traveled to Phatthalung Province and operated alongside officers from the 6th division of Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Division (Royal Thai Police), 7th Division of Highway Police (Khao Chaison Highway Police Public Service, Phatthalung Province),and 7th Division of Highway Police (Phatthalung Highway Police Public Service). The collective officials exchanged information and defined the boundaries of the checkpoint’s authority, where after the checkpoint asks for cooperation in inspecting and reporting in news related to trafficking. This encompasses pangolins and ivory trafficking, wherein the majority of violators will be using Asian roads as the main lifeline of the wildlife trafficking circles. In southern Thailand, this road is the 130 kilometers-long road located in Phatthalung Province. This cooperation was done in an effort to create an effective network and create a sustainable method in sharing information for future operations. The checkpoint received very favorable cooperation from the various units during the joint operation.